15 Protective Styles You Can Rock All Summer (In P...

15 Protective Styles You Can Rock All Summer (In Prague Or Anywhere Else)

The official start of summer is one week away, but no matter where you live you’ve probably suffered through (and yet somehow survived) the disrespectful heat waves that stress your tresses. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how you’ll style or at least protect your hair during these humid and sticky months. Well, you're in luck!  We’ve chosen fifteen hot and easy natural protective hairstyles you can try when the summer weather is doing the absolute most.

First, let’s refresh your memory (or teach you - if you’re new to this);protective styles allow your real hair to “rest.” They allow your hair to grow in a healthy manner without the daily manipulation of combing, brushing or styling. Protective styles can also help you keep your edges intact and protect the ends of your hair shaft.

Before you rush and whip your hair into some box braids, it’s important to develop a healthy hair routine where you regularly condition your hair with natural oils or products that increase hair retention and moisture. Once your hair is in a healthy state, you can choose to braid your hair, don faux-locs or sew-in a 20-plus inch weave like Nicki Minaj, you know, before you catch flights to Prague or anywhere else.

But before you jet off or hastily change your summer haircare routine, get into these easy natural protective hairstyles below:

Push It To The Side Braids

✨Queen Status✨ Yay 👍🏽 or 👎🏽

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Me And You, Your  Four Feed Braids And Their Cousins, Too

Check out our interview with LA feed-in braid queen, Yaya here

Mama Africa Faux Locs


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Cleopatra, Coming At Ya Crochet Braids


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I Love The ‘90s Braids

Mo to the, E to the... #moodallsummer #goldenchild #thesunismymakeup

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The Deep Lady Sew-In

Shop her look here!

Bantu Knots

Chaka Taught Me Lace Front Wig

Simple &messy

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Shop her look here!

Make Your Man Do A Double Glance Sew-In Bob

Shop her look here!

Girl Next Door Bob

Shop her look here!

Empress Cornrows

They See Me Waving And They Hating Crochet Twist Out

@thebrilliantbeauty 😍😍

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Rock Tough In Your Afro Puffs

🔥 #naturalhair #naturalhairstyles #puffballs #redhair #fauxafropuff

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Can you believe these red puffs are clip-ins?

Wrap It Up

Cornrow It Up

Which easy natural protective hairstyles are you rocking this summer? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I really like these styles more so because they are a part of our African American Culture no matter what shade of Black we are. Braids are our thing and they will never go out of style. I love the fact that there are so many Black Models shown. Keep up the good work. Do you sell the hair shown on the first model?

    • Anayo

      21 June

      Nicole, thanks for your kind comment! We strive to make sure our pictures represent the people who actually created and wear these styles daily. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

      The hair shown on the first model (I assume with the cornrows) is synthetic hair, we only sell human hair at this time. But it can be picked up for an affordable price at your local beauty supply store or online!

  2. Tamara Jade

    21 June

    Love it cousin! I love rocking box braids of different sizes and lengths! Just took out some waist length small individuals and thinking some medium length bob braids are next! Thanks for always doing it for the culture! Lol

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  4. Diva Dealzz

    6 October

    Nice Post, You share such a beautiful post with different protective styles.

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  6. […] there are many accessories and quick hairstyles that will not only save you from the embarrassment of a bad hair day, but also save time from […]

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