7 Beauty YouTubers With Amazing Makeup Tips For Da...

7 Beauty YouTubers With Amazing Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, you don’t need to be told how hard it can be to find makeup that works. Forget about learning tips from beauty gurus – even professional makeup artists are often absolutely clueless when it comes to darker skin tones.

But thanks to YouTube, beauty experts with richer skin tones finally have a platform to teach you their genius contouring tricks, vent about the beauty industry, and thoroughly review pretty much every foundation you can think of. These beauty YouTubers are literally changing the makeup industry, video by video.

Here are 7 of the most popular beauty YouTubers with makeup tips for dark skin.

  1. Patricia Bright, @patriciabright

With over 2 million subscribers, Patricia Bright’s channel goes beyond makeup to include all beauty and fashion advice. The U.K. based YouTuber is candid, goofy, and full of personality. Most importantly, she definitely knows her way around both the high-end and drug store makeup aisle.

  1. Too Much Mouth, @yagirltoomuch

If you have dark skin and you’re into creative makeup, look no further – Too Much Mouth is the beauty YouTuber for you. She offers awesome fantasy looks, like a melting ice cream girl and a unicorn. She also offers tons of thorough product reviews on various concealers, foundations, palettes and other makeup products.

  1. Peak Mill, @peakmill

Peak Mill is the BFF you never knew you needed. She’s perhaps best known for her ability to perform actual magic on wigs (honestly, how does she do it?!), but she’s also got a ton of great makeup tutorials up her sleeve, like this legendary full face beat.

  1. Cydnee Black, @cydbeats

Cydnee Black is more than just a makeup enthusiast. She’s a professional makeup artist for MAC, and she’s generous enough to dish All The Tips for dark skin on her YouTube channel. Like Peak Mill, Cydnee also offers expert wig and weave tutorials for her followers.

  1. Shalom Blac, @shalomblac

Shalom Blac’s passion for makeup has an important backstory: she’s a burn survivor. She’s become an expert at using makeup to transform her scars, so if there’s one person who seriously knows the deal on foundation for dark skin, it’s Shalom. She’s also vocal about her journey to self-acceptance.

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  1. Nyma Tang, @nymatang

Nyma Tang offers makeup tips for women who fall on the darkest end of the skin tone spectrum. She debunks myths about dark skin, like that they don’t need to contour, and discusses makeup challenges that most gurus don’t ever touch upon, like hyperpigmentation. She also kills every single one of her makeup tutorials. Seriously, gorgeous.

  1. Jackie Aina, @lilpumpkinpie05

If you haven’t been following Jackie Aina, it’s time to get the hell on board. This beauty YouTuber has enjoyed massive success in recent years, with nearly 3 million followers and counting. She’s served as a consultant for top brands to help them expand their shade range and she’s also created some bomb makeup products herself.

What are your favorite go-to YouTube channels for dark skin makeup tips?


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