The Best Of The #BlackSalonProblems Hashtag

The Best Of The #BlackSalonProblems Hashtag

Black Twitter is back at it again! One of the funniest hashtags that managed to make its way onto the trending list today was #BlackSalonProblems--and it is EVERYTHING. To be clear, Mayvenn loves hairstylists! They're the core of our brand, but come on y'all, these tweets are hilarious! Black women around the world can relate to the struggles of heading to the salon, and this hashtag brings us all together to reminisce over lost edges and bizarre haircuts.

Brace yourself...

When your stylist gets a little too scissor happy...

Real tears

Stay strong!

Side eye to the world

RIP Edges

Come back!

There's no escape

The struggle...

Our biggest fear come to life


At the end of the day, we're always flawless


Share your #BlackSalonProblems in the comments!

  1. Tammie S

    15 June

    When your hairdresser that you barely know talk to you so bad, she nearly cuss you out about how dry your hair is. Then tell you you're ungrateful and she's just compassionate about hair. #yeahright #seeya oh yes and the punishment: she whacks your ends off #mean
    #highlydisrespectful #girrrrrrl extremely #unprofessionalbehavior✂️

    • Anayo

      22 June

      Sounds like she doesn't deserve another visit from you! Yikes.

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