The Best Hair Trends of 2016 | #MayvennMade

The Best Hair Trends of 2016 | #MayvennMade

The time has come! We're taking a look back at the hottest hair trends of 2016! Which styles lit up Instagram and slayed the YouTube streets?

Color was huge this year, and no shade of the rainbow was left untouched. Reds were vibrant, greens were jealousy-inducing, and blues were in abundance. We also saw the top knot and deep swoop get a sleek makeover thanks to lace frontal hairlines looking more realistic than ever.

The trend that managed to outshine them all this year was blonde. It used to be one of the adventurous hairstyles for black women, but thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Ciara, and, of course, Queen Bey, the sun-kissed hue became a staple hair color this year. Howver, finding the right blonde shade is the crucial step to rocking the color. We created this quiz to help you find your perfect fit.

As often as trends come and go, it's always fun to see what inspired us year-to-year! Let's reminisce, shall we?

Rihanna-Inspired Bob

Werk, werk, werk, werk! The most popular song of the year showed Rihanna bopping on Drake with this sleek bob look. We saw it everywhere shortly after!

Dark Roots Blonde

The ladies who rocked blonde this year came to slay! We told you it looks great on everyone.

Wand Curls For The World

Whip those wand curlers out! This year was all about adding a little oomph.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is timeless and thanks to its flattering nature, it was once again rocked heavily in 2016.

Top Knot Slay

This year we definitely saw a rise in frontals, and through them all hair endeavors, like top knots, were possible.

Natural Curls

With the rise of natural textures, a lot of people opted to "go natural" this year with curls that mimicked their natural hair.

Hair of The Rainbow

Any limits placed on hair color this year were completely off the table. We loved seeing all the custom color jobs ladies were coming up with!

Which hair trend was your favorite of 2016? Are you bringing any of these styles into 2017?


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