#MayvennMade: The 16 Most Loved Looks Of 2017

#MayvennMade: The 16 Most Loved Looks Of 2017

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This year was a trip. Whether that was a good trip or a bad trip, I think we can all agree that 2017 was indeed a crazy year. From current events, to politics, to our careers and love lives, the past 350-something days have been a rollercoaster.

While we take the time to reflect before we usher in the new year, let's at least remember the good things that happened this year. At the top of our minds? All. The. Slayage. We're so thankful for all the gorgeous hair looks we were blessed with on the #MayvennMade hashtag in 2017. Mayvenn's social media manager rounded up the looks you guys double tapped the most - check out the list below!

An iconic burgundy custom color slay from Peakmill. Shop her look.

When your stylist flawlessly constructs your unit. Shop her look.

Look at all those luscious waves! Shop her look.

Lace laid so well it looks like it's coming from her scalp! Shop her look.

Try not to get seasick from all the waves. Shop her look.

Bay Area artist, Netta Brielle, looks amazing in body waves. Shop her look.

Peakmill popped up on the scene with a sneaky slay and shut the game down. Shop her look.

Wand curled to perfection. Shop her look.

Ooh, sis, you better slay! Shop her look.

Autumn in the form of beautifully colored bundles. Shop her look.

When Anthony Cuts links up with Mayvenn, you already know it's about to go down.

Peakmill knows her way around some deep wave! Shop her look.

Ready to go short? Try this sassy bob. Shop her look.

Looking like a China doll. Shop her look.

There's nothing that 26' of deep wave can't fix ;). Shop her look.

Blonde was definitely the color of the year. Shop her look.

Which looks were your favorite this year? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Miss P.

    15 December

    Favs: @Crown_mmee & @Glamstylistxoxo

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