Spook Your Weave Up: 11 Halloween Hairstyles That ...

Spook Your Weave Up: 11 Halloween Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Our favorite time of the year is coming up!

No shade to Christmas or Thanksgiving, but when you're a hair fanatic like all of us here at Mayvenn, a holiday that let's us experiment with our hairstyle is a mandatory celebration!

After deciding which character, celebrity, or ironic pun to go dressed as (a worker bee or the Queen Bey?) your hair should be the next focus to complete your Halloween transformation. And nothing is more transformative than the hair switch-up! Throwing on a wig or adding some temporary color to your look is the ultimate way to embody your spooky or sexy Halloween alter-ego.

If you decide to go the coloring route, you have a few options: buy temporary color spray to spray your strands for a one-night-only look; add colored hair pieces; or with Mayvenn's blonde hair, all you have to do is add your desired hair dye on top for about 30 minutes. You'll get vibrant hair color without having to whip out the bleach. #TeamBleachWhere?

Look no further for your Halloween hairstyles inspiration. We've already spotted some amazing Halloween looks on the 'gram and gathered them for you below!

Be what everyone screams about with sweet enough to eat ice cream hair



Be everyone's Halloween bae with this Instagram baddie hair look.

The face I make when I see pizza 🍕😍 Hair extensions: @thevanitybox

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Go for blood with this wife of Chucky look.

What do you plan on dressing up as for halloween? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼

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Poison Ivy never looked so good.

Draco Malfoy's wife is as icy as he is.

The names Malfoy. Brittanie Malfoy. 🐍

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Match the holiday's theme with these gorgeous orange curls.



Grab that teal hair dye and go to town!



Make everything big as a Bratz doll (lollipop head not included)

halloween hairstyles



Bring the cray cray as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn.



Bring it back to ancient Greece with sleek black hair and all gold everything.



Cat ears are reign supreme over Halloween hairstyles! Add them on top for an insta-cat look.



halloween hairstyles

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