7 Signs That It's Time To Take Your Weave Out

7 Signs That It's Time To Take Your Weave Out

I’m loyal to my weaves, like ‘til death do us part loyal. But sometimes, the relationship ends up not working, and that's when it’s time to depart.

It’s difficult for me to take my weave out, because I’m always stuck with the dilemma of what to do next. Sometimes, I’ll leave my weave in longer than I should. To the point where once I take it out, I’m left washing my hair for hours. I’ve also gone through the motions of not actually knowing when the best time to remove my weave and once in my stylist chair, she’s cursing me out because I’ve had it in too long. I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. So this raises the question: How long does a sew in last, and when should you take your weave out?

I’ve had three different stylists in the past five years and all three have given me varying expert advice. One told me 6-8 weeks, while another told me that you can leave an install in for upwards of three months with proper cleansing. However, my current (and most trusted) stylist gave me the most logical advice: Your hair will tell you when it’s time to take your weave out. I couldn’t agree more. Itching, dryness, oily scalp loose braids...the list goes on and on. The longer you keep that weave in, the more you risk damaging your hair and the weave won’t cooperate with styling as time goes on. Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to say bon voyage to your weave and give your hair a break:

how long does a sew in last

Like many others, I suffer from naturally dry hair that results in itching. However, if your hair has been itching for two weeks straight and doesn’t seem to be easing up, it may be time to take your weave out and let it breathe. Besides, you scratching in between your braids with the tail end of a comb and patting your head to the point of you getting a headache is only making it worse. As a relief, try using weave-friendly oils like peppermint and tea tree.

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