The Great Debate: How Many Bundles Do You Need?

The Great Debate: How Many Bundles Do You Need?


One of the most frequently asked question a hairstylist will receive when a client books a sew-in appointment is: "How many bundles of weave do I need?"

The typical responses?

"Depends on how full you want it."

"Are you using a closure?"

"I use two, so I'd recommend two bundles."

Sigh. So much stress from one simple question.

A few factors go into choosing how many bundles of weave you'll need for your desired look. The key phrase: it's your desired look. From the length of the hair to the size of your head, these different elements play a huge role in how the final style will look. To help you make an informed decision, we put together this guide so you don't have to navigate the wide world of weave alone.


Rule of thumb: the longer the length of your bundles, the more hair your generally going to need. All virgin hair naturally thins out towards the tips, so we suggest more bundles for a fuller look from root to tip. This chart below will help you decide how many bundles you need based on length:

how many bundles of weave do i need


how many bundles of weave do i need

Are you the queen of sleek or do you live for waves and curls?  Straight hair and curly hair are on the opposite sides of the density spectrum which must be taken into account when deciding how many bundles of weave you'll need.

With Mayvenn curly hair, you can get away with less bundles since the hair density is naturally going to be to fuller. We recommend 2-3 for a naturally full look. Although Mayvenn straight hair is still full from root to tip, you might need more bundles to create a super full look.We recommend 3-4 depending on the length.

Size Of Your Head

So your friend managed to get away with two bundles of hair and she's rocking a full look, but you look like Gollum with the same amount of hair.

how many bundles of weave do i needHe needed just a few more bundles. 

If your head is bigger or smaller you'll need to adjust the amount of bundles you purchase to accommodate that. In the US, the average size of a woman's head is 22.5". Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around your head from ear-to-ear so it fits comfortably and figure out your measurements. If you're above average you may need more hair, if you're less than average you may need less.

Frontal Or Closure?

how many bundles of weave do i need

Keep in mind that if you decide to use a frontal or closure to complete your look, those top pieces are going to take up quite a bit of real estate on your head. Mayvenn closures are 4"x 4" while closures at other hair companies tend to be 3.5"x 4". A Mayvenn frontal, as well as frontals from most hair companies, are 13" x 4". While these are totally optional, they help give a more natural look without needing to have leave-out.You can also get away with buying less bundles! If you are wearing a closure or frontal, using 3 or more bundles is going to give you a very full look (if that's your preference--go for it!).

We hope this helps you make an informed purchasing decision!

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  1. cindy

    7 April

    So frontal closure plus 3 bundles?

    • Anayo

      10 April

      Hi Cindy!

      Yes, if you want a nice, full look you'd want to get 3 bundles with your closure or frontal.

  2. […] going to be  fuller. A good recommendation would be 2-3 for a naturally full look. Although Mayvenn straight hair is still full from root to tip, you might need more bundles to create a super full […]

  3. Nicole

    20 April

    How long does the referral coupon last before expiring?

    • Anayo

      20 April

      Hi Nicole! The referral codes don't expire. Feel free to use it whenever you're ready

  4. Tahjae Powell

    30 April

    If I'm getting curly peruvian hair for a 360 lace frontal many bundles do i need for the middle of my head?.. my head is pretty small

    • Anayo

      1 May

      Hi Tahjae!

      It depends on how long the curly hair is. If it's 16" or shorter you will be fine with 2 bundles. If it's longer, you will need about 2.5 bundles for a full look.

      • Mya

        20 August

        Ok so if I bought 6 bundles but they are 50 g and I hot 2 20in 2 22 in and 2 24 in is that enough for a hair due with a side part leave out???

  5. janae

    7 May

    If I was to buy two bundles of the body wave. 14 & 16 inch with a closure do u think it would look ok? Thanks in advance

    • Anayo

      8 May

      Hi Janae!

      It depends on what look you're going for: are you wearing an install or making a wig? For the body wave at those lengths I would add one more bundle of the 16". You're only going to need maybe a half bundle more if you want a naturally full look, and it's better to be safe then sorry. If you only use two of the bundles, you can return the unused one (as long as it's unopened) for a full refund.

  6. Jasmine Morris

    10 May

    So for curly hair with a frontal should it be 2 since curly hair is already full?? The curly frontal and 2 bundles would be as full???

    • Anayo

      10 May

      Hi Jasmine - it depends on the length. If you're doing 16" or shorter then you can get away with 2, any longer and I'd recommend getting 3 bundles.

  7. Cara d.

    16 May

    I'm going to get body wave but have had weaves loose wave. Can hair be braided to achieve wavy but not kinky look if it looses wave? Prefer a more Spanish wavy texture. But not puffy. Also want hair length to my breast area. Want a little hair out around hairline for more natural look. Do I reaaly need frontal or closure. Can stylist put on so a little of weave is laying on forhead? Was thinking of getting 10, 12 and 14. Or just 12 and 14. Want a natural wave that's not too straight or too curly kinky. Want very low maintenance. Not sure body wave in the right texture for me. Honestly how long will wave last ? Afraid it will end up dead straight. Don't want to have to roll or curl especially in hot days of summer. ?????????? WANT CAREFEE HAIR. I REALIZE WILL NEED TO MAINTAIN WITH CONDITIONER, ETC.

    • Anayo

      23 May

      Hi Cara,

      Thanks for visiting Real Beautiful! To answer your question, I would go with the body wave in 14" if you want it to be a little longer. 12" will give you a short/medium bob look. Our body wave hair is very low maintenance, but yes, as you mentioned it will need to be conditioned regularly to keep it looking fresh. You will need a frontal if you want to have some baby hairs in the front to lay.

      I created a cart for you so you can easily shop this exact look, shop it here!

  8. Nanika

    17 May

    What length bundles should I get? I would want 22 to be the longest

    • Anayo

      23 May

      Hi Nanika, it depends on the texture but try doing 18", 20" and 22" for a naturally layered look.

  9. Nicole

    22 May

    If I get a 20" body wave 360 frontal, how many bundles of hair will I need if I want 36" length

    • Anayo

      23 May

      Hi Nicole, you would need about 3-4 bundles for a full look.

  10. Eboni Thompson

    26 May

    I wanted to purchase a frontal loose wave. But im not sure how many bundles to purchase. I was thinking mayb a 14",16" and 18"

    • Anayo

      30 May

      Hi Eboni, that is correct. You'll need about 2.5 bundles to get a full look with your frontal.

      I made a cart for you with special discounts added so you can easily purchase this look:

  11. Zee

    6 June

    If I got a 16 inch 360. What inches do I get the bundles ?

    • Anayo

      6 June

      Hi Zee, it depends on how long you want your hair to be. Once you decide that, you should get 2-3 bundles depending on the texture and the length.

      • Zee

        8 June

        I ordered a 14" inch frontal with two 16" bundles body wave. Is that enough ?

        • Anayo

          14 June

          Hi Zee,

          That should be enough, but depending on your head size you might need 0.5-1 more bundle.

  12. Jada

    19 June

    I got a 20 inch closure with 3 bundles 24 inch , now I'm scared

    • Anayo

      20 June

      Hi Jada!

      Don't fret - you should be fine! With the closure you should have a nice, full install. But be prepared to use all the bundles.

  13. Aria

    23 June

    Hi! I want to get the body wave look in a natural looking length. I do have a small face and small head I was leaning towards maybe 22in 18in length. Can you help me figure out what look best? I also want to get a frontal so I have no leave out. what are your recommendations?
    thank you in advanced.

    • Anayo

      26 June

      Hi Aria!

      If you have a smaller head and you're getting a frontal, you should be fine with 2 full bundles of 18" hair. If you're gonna layer the hair or do full 22" then to be safe I'd still order one more bundle incase you need additional tracks. Hope that helps!

  14. Pamela Jones

    24 June

    I'm going to try me hand at making a wig with a 360 frontal closure. My own hair is about 20" long, but very thin. I keep it braided and wear wigs. I'm going to sew it on a wig cap since I don't like anything sewn to my head. I'm looking for a straight yaki. My head size is 22.5. Should the closure and bundles be the same length? I want it to look as natural as possible. What would you suggest for the closure and bundle lenghts? Also if the bundles are various lenghts - would the shortest start at the nape of the neck? Thanks for your help.

    • Anayo

      26 June

      Hey Pamela!

      Very ambitious of you! 🙂 I'm sure it'll turn out great.

      This all depends on the look you're going for. The frontal should be the same length as the bundles or a few inches shorter than your bundles. The longest length would actually be at the nape of the neck (the bottom of your wig) and the shorter lengths would go closer to the frontal/closure. For a natural look, stick with bundles that are 18" or shorter. 18" is on the longer side and 12" will hit to about your shoulders. You can layer the look (ex. 12",14",16") or do all one length. Hope that helps and let me know how it goes!

      You can also reference this post if you're having problems:

  15. Pamela Jones

    24 June

    Not the nape, but the back part of the closure.

  16. SHASHA

    25 June


    • Anayo

      26 June

      Hi Shasha! Yep, that will be enough!

  17. michele

    27 June


    I am buying the deep wave hair looking for a nautural look to come to about my boobs in 1st time getting a sew in and i'm lost...would this be and 18 inch or 16 inch lenght? also should I buy all different lengths, I want it to look naturally. And if I do what lenghts and do you recommend leave out or closure with deep wave hair

  18. Kay

    3 July

    Hi I'm getting goddess curly from diamond dynasty 2 22" and a 20" I have small head and I'm Also getting a 360 frontal but idk what length to get it in since it's in the back of my head to and I don't want a weird uneven look

    • Anayo

      5 July

      Hi Kay!

      I would get the frontal in an 18" or 20" to stay consistent with the layers. The back won't matter as much, but the front should fall a little shorter or the same length as the rest of the bundles.

  19. Trish

    5 July

    Hello .. I'm going to order the Brazilian deep wave hair and my questions is.. I only would like to order two bundles I don't want my hair real thick plus I'm going to leave some of the front part of my real hair out so do you think one of 18 and one of 20 will be enough for the look I'm going for ??

    • Anayo

      7 July

      Hi Trish!

      You're going to want to space the tracks out a bit but that should be enough hair for the look you're going for. I created a cart for you with all the discount codes added for your convenience: Deep Wave Cart

  20. Crystal

    10 July

    are two bundles enough for a full fringe wig
    my head is the average size
    the lengths are 16 and 18

    • Anayo

      10 July

      Hi Crystal,

      For a full wig with no leave-out and no closure you're going to need 3 bundles of hair no matter the texture or length. Hope that helps!

  21. Mia

    10 July

    Hi i am ordering 1 16 in frontal with 2 16in bundles to get that super natural blown out look because I've noticed I look like I'm drowning in too much hair when I use all 3 bundles. Will the 2 be enough to cover the whole head and give me the desired natural "it's her hair" look?

    • Anayo

      11 July

      Hi Mia - that should be enough! You may just have to space out the tracks a bit, but for the super natural look that's just enough hair.

  22. Taylor

    10 July

    Hi HELP!!!!
    A couple of questions!!!
    1) I want to get pervuvian straight hair and I want a full look at like 17" I know the sizes come in 16" and 18" so I'm not sure if I should get 2 16s and 1 18 or vice Versa to have a fuller look all the way down. ????
    2) I really want to keep my natural hair away from heat because I've been chemical/heat free for 3yrs so I'm thinking about getting a frontal but I also want to put it up in a high ponytail for when I have to workout so I might just Keep some leave out. but would it look weird with a frontal or should I just have a leave out crown and middle part and call it a day?? To save money and since I'm already leaving hair out and just not get a frontal??!!???

    • Anayo

      14 July

      Hi Taylor,

      Happy to help!

      1) For a fuller look all the way down, you can do either/or. You can also get both a 16" and an 18" for a naturally layered look.
      2) For your workouts, maybe try leaving some your hair out in the back for ponytails. You can install your frontal behind your hairline but it would require more daily maintenance to have it look laid.

      • Ana

        16 November

        What if you don't want a layered look what if u want it all to be one length do you put 1 16th on the bottom and the 2 18th on the top for a full one lenght?

        • Anayo

          16 November

          Hi Ana - exactly. You can put the 16" at the bottom so the 18" will cover it.

  23. Brianna

    13 July

    Hi , I purchased a 13x4 lace frontal in deep wave with only 2 bundles (18" frontal & 20"-22" bundles) but my mom advised i only got 2 because my head isn't that big. Was that the right move?

    • Anayo

      14 July

      Hi Brianna! Yes, that will be enough hair, although it'll be a more natural look that you get (less full).

  24. sophie

    14 July

    I want my longest bundle to be an 18 inch and I want to get a 360 frontal but I don't know how many bundles I should get and how long should the other bundles be.

    • Anayo

      14 July

      Hi Sophie,

      It all depends on the look you want. I would suggest either all 18" (3 bundles for a really full look or 2 bundles for a more natural look) or 18", 20", 22" for a layered look. Hope that helps!

  25. Nye

    3 August

    How would 18inches look with a 24inches?

    • Anayo

      7 August

      Hi Nye,

      You won't achieve a naturally layered look, that's a 6" difference. It will work if that's the look you're going for.

  26. Melissa

    4 August

    my head is about 23.5", how many bundles might I need?

    • Anayo

      7 August

      Hi Melissa - it depends on the lengths you want. Shorter, less. Longer, more.

  27. Bri

    5 August

    Hi, I want to purchase some straight hair. Will 3 bundles ( 22,24,26 ) be enough for a full look or should I get 4 bundles?

    • Anayo

      7 August

      Hi Bri,

      For a full look, I'd grab one more bundle of the longer length.

  28. Raven

    5 August

    I lost my '18 I got a 20 & 22 will it still look full?

    • Anayo

      7 August

      Hi Raven,
      With just a 20" and 22" it will not be full. I would get one more bundle (either 18" or 22") to complete your look.

  29. Sarah Jennings

    6 August

    If I use a frontal + 2 bundles (22 inch) would that be fine? I want a nice bone straight look

    • Anayo

      7 August

      Hi Sarah,

      I would grab one more 22" bundle.

  30. Shannyn

    18 August

    Hello I'm ordering 20 22 24 in loose body wave but my frontal is a 14 will that work or do I need the 18 ???

    • Anayo

      23 August

      Hi Shannyn!

      I would get the 18" for a naturally layered look, but the 14" works if you don't mind the length difference.

  31. Aaliyah dennis

    24 August

    Hey. If I am getting a 16 inch frontal that is Burmese curly which is also 13 x 4, would 2 16 inch bundles be enough? And also is that bob length? Don't want it to be too short

    • Anayo

      25 August

      Hi Aaliyah,

      I'm not familiar with Burmese Curly. Is it Mayvenn hair?

      If you're cutting the hair into a bob that will be enough hair.

  32. Vicky

    27 August

    what length bundles would i need if i want a shoulder length bob? ( without cutting the hair). my head is 22,5 how many bundles would i need with a frontal to make it look natural ill been getting brazilian stranght hair. i was thinking 16 for frontal and 2 14 for a shoulder length bob.

    • Anayo

      29 August

      Hi Vicky,

      For a shoulder-length bob I would go with a 14" frontal and (2) 12" bundles, that will keep the cutting you need to do to achieve the look to a minimum. Hope that helps!

  33. San

    30 August

    Hi, I have 2 bundles of 26 ,1 bundle of 24 and a 13x4 lace frontal will that be enough for a full look ? Thanks in advance

    • Anayo

      30 August

      Hi San!

      Yes, that will be enough hair! Rock it!

  34. alexcia

    31 August

    would 3 bundles (100g) of 18 inch, would it make my hair full because im 16 and i dont want it to be thin and i have a small head

    • Anayo

      5 September

      Yes, Alexcia, that will be enough hair!

  35. Heaven

    3 September

    If Im getting body wave extensions 18 or 20 inches and I'm doing leave out, how many bundles do I need?

    • Anayo

      5 September

      Hi Heaven,

      For a full install with leave-out, get 3 bundles. You will most likely use 2 and a 1/2. Hope that helps!

  36. Rebecca Leon

    7 September

    I'm thinking of ordering 3 bundles of 20,20, and 22" with a 16" frontal. Will this suffice for a natural look or should I order another bundle? I'm afraid that the 22" will look too thin in the back.

    • Anayo

      7 September

      Hi Rebecca,

      With the bundles you've chosen, you should get a very natural look that is full. Are you adding the 22" for length? They won't stand out as much since you're getting (2) 20" bundles. I would suggest getting (3) bundles of 20" hair or getting just (1) 20" bundle and (2) 22" bundles if you want the length to stand out more. Hope that helps!

  37. Jocelyn lewis

    7 September

    I have 28, 28,22 what length of closure do i need? pls help

    • Anayo

      8 September

      Hi Jocelyn,

      Go for an 18" closure or longer!

  38. Ronnie

    15 September

    Hi, I can't decide if I should get a closure and two bundles (18 and 22 in) or three bundles with leave out (18, 20, 22 in). The hair is deep wave and I have a small head so I never used more than two bundles (and I always have some left over). It will be my first time using curly/wavy hair and I want it to look full.

  39. Monet Hughes

    16 September

    I'm getting a regular sew in with minimum leave out and I ordered two 18 inch bundles . Will I need one more or is two enough ?

    • Anayo

      26 September

      You will probably need 0.5 to 1 more bundle

  40. Brinaya Gibbs

    21 September

    Hi, i'm getting my first sew in of body wave hair with a frontal. I want it to be full and long but i don't know what lengths to get or how many bundles to do and my head is pretty small

    • Anayo

      4 October

      Hi Brinaya - which texture are you interested in?

  41. Mero

    22 September

    Hi ,I bought 3 bundles of 22 inches but I don't know what lenghth of closure to get. Pls advise..

  42. Jada Miranda

    23 September

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase 3 bundles of 22, 24, and 26-inch Brazilian body wave hair with a 13x4 18-inch lace frontal. I don't want a thick look and I don't want a too thin look neither. Would you say this is enough hair?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Anayo

      25 September

      Perfect amount of hair! You most likely won't use all of it

    • Anayo

      25 September

      Perfect amount of hair! You most likely won't use all of it.

  43. Ann

    24 September

    So if I get 30" hair and my 360 frontal is only 16" is that an ok length for my frontal and how many bundles would you suggest I get

    • Anayo

      25 September

      Hi Ann,

      That would be a drastic difference in length, but if you plan to add layers to the 30" hair then go for it. I would suggest getting 3-4 bundles since the 30" hair will be thinner. Hope that helps!

  44. Jenn

    28 September

    Hi i have a question
    I have a small head and I wanna have a nice full weave with leave out also I am 5.3 and I want it until my waist.
    Thinking about 18,22,22 is it too long or perfect?

    Do you think this will look full? And are the lengths alright? Or with my height an inch less?
    Thank you in advance


    • Anayo

      3 October

      Hi Jenn!

      Thanks for giving a full picture! At 5'3 I think those lengths are perfect, and three bundles will be enough hair.

  45. Ann

    28 September

    I bought a 14, and 2 16in of the deep wave. Would this be okay if the stylist plans on making a closure with the same hair? Or would I need another bundle. Not trying to look like a lion lol but I also don't wanna look like I don't have enough hair. The bundles looked a little small so I wasent sure.

  46. Shay

    1 October

    I’ve never had a closure I’ve always worked with just 2 bundles, I like a somewhat full look so I was thinking of getting a 14” closure with 1 16” and 1 18” in the loose wave, would this be a good combo for a full layered look?

    • Anayo

      3 October

      Hi Shay,

      If you've never ordered a closure than you should be good with 2 bundles! The lengths you've chosen are fuller so you'll get a nice, full look.

  47. Faith

    4 October

    would a 16 and 18 be okay with a closure?

    • Anayo

      6 October

      Yep! if you don't want a super full look, that will be fine.

  48. Sky

    7 October

    I have 2 bundles of 14” will that be enough ?

  49. Tonya

    14 October

    Is a 10 inch frontal good enough for a bob?

  50. morgan

    14 October

    hello, I just purchased (1) 10inch and (1) 12inch bundle. I want to have leave out with the hair basically cut shoulder length. Did I buy enough hair or do I need one more bundle? I don't want it to look super thin but I don't want it to be super thick either.

  51. Brittany B

    15 October

    Hey so if i was to buy a 20 inch closure what do you suggest the inches be for the three bundles I’ll need? Will 24 26 28 be fine or do you suggest something else??

    • Anayo

      17 October

      Hi Brittany!

      24, 26, 28 is perfect! Go for it 🙂

  52. Bre

    16 October

    Hello, I'm trying to get 12" bundles in body wave I'm just needing to know what length closure am I going to need

    • Anayo

      17 October

      Hi Bre,

      Ideally get the 10" closure, if not get the 14" and cut it to match the length of the rest of your hair.

  53. morgan

    17 October

    will 2 bundles of 12 inch loose wave with leave out be enough hair?

    • Anayo

      2 November

      Hi Morgan,

      Depends on how much hair you're leaving out. If you're leaving out a pretty significant amount of leave-out then that will be enough hair.

  54. S

    20 October

    I have a 16, 20, 24. How would that look? Started with a 16, 18, 20. But the 18 inch bundle did not look heathly so the seller traded it out for a 24.

    • Anayo

      2 November

      Hi S,

      Not sure if you've installed already but it will look just fine. The ends will be slightly longer but it will look like a natural layer.

      • S

        2 November

        Thank you

  55. Wadiyyah

    12 November

    Thank you for this info. Being new and proud of it, to the art and fabulousness of the -do dare to add hair world- I ordered my mayven hair on a whim. I’m so pleased with the outcome and the low maintainence of my new du.
    I wasn’t sure about the closure however, I will order one to complete my look

    • Anayo

      15 November

      Hi Wadiyyah!

      I'm so glad you're enjoying your Mayvenn Hair! Closures are the best tool to complete your protective style, have fun with your new look 🙂

  56. dejah

    13 November

    is 24 26 28 body wave enough when flat ironed ? An hairstylist told me it was enough and couple people that only had those 3 bundles said it was enough but I don't wanna take changes and it look thin on me

    • Anayo

      15 November

      Hi Dejah! That's definitely enough hair, you'll be fine when it's flat ironed. As long as they are properly installed, no tracks will show.

  57. Rosy

    18 November

    Please I got an weave of 20 in length 5 bundles and 10in closure will that look nice

    • Anayo

      21 November

      Hi Rosy,

      The closure is going to be really short unless you layer some of the 20" hair in the front. You can find videos of how to layer on Youtube or book an appointment with your stylist.

  58. Tyreesha

    25 November

    I want a leave out sew in I brought three bundles of straight hair they are three ounces of 20 22 and 24 is this Considered enough

    • Anayo

      28 November

      Hi Tyreesha - yes that will be enough hair

  59. Margarita

    25 November

    Hi! Im getting deep wave in 14, 16 and 18 what frontal or closure should i pick?

    • Anayo

      28 November

      Hi Margarita - get a 14" Deep Wave frontal or closure

  60. Taneisha

    7 December

    hello, I have an 14in closure and 2X16in bundle straight for an blunt cut bob would that be enough hair? I'm going for a full look

    • Anayo

      7 December

      Hi Taneisha - yes, that's enough hair.

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