Matted, Tangled, Dry Weave? Bring It Back To Life ...

Matted, Tangled, Dry Weave? Bring It Back To Life In Four Easy Steps!

Have your old bundles from birthdays and vacations past gone dull? If your weave has lost its will to live, it's time to perform CPR and bring that hair back to life!

Let's be real: virgin human hair is an investment. What's the point of buying "quality" hair if it's going to matte and dry up like beauty supply store bundles? Unfortunately, after awhile, all virgin hair will be a bit worse for wear, but no worries! With proper care and a little TLC, you can revive even the most lifeless of weaves. Keep on reading for our four-step plan to revive your weave:


Sometimes a tangled weave is just that: a weave full of pesky tangles. It'll take some patience and dedication, but with a wide-tooth comb and a glass of water half-full (for when you get tired, and, of course, optimism) an old weave can be revived with heavy duty detangling. A wide tooth comb instead of a paddle brush will prevent breakage, especially while wet. Always start detangling from the ends and slowly work your way up to the roots. When you come across a knot, use your fingers to loosen the knot and continue detangling with your comb. Once your weave has been properly detangled, you can move on to deep conditioning.

Deep Condition

While deep conditioning is an essential step in any hair routine, it's one of the most crucial steps in reviving a weave. Skip it at your own risk. Deep conditioning is like a mini facial for your hair, and why not let it have a regular spa day? Deep conditioning opens up your hair cuticles and allows product to deeply penetrate the strands bringing back the softness your weave once had. For the purpose of revival, we recommend grabbing a moisture-based conditioner like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner or Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner. Saturate the strands with product, then use your wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair.

ACV Rinse

The main purpose of an ACV rinse is to restore the proper pH balances to your hair. When pH balances are off, your weave will quickly go from "hot damn" to "hot mess" in a hot minute. Virgin hair is so sleek when you first buy it because the hair cuticle is fully sealed. But as you begin to use products, shampoo your hair, and use hot tools to style, the hair cuticle will slowly begin to strip away until it's no longer there. Since apple cider vinegar has a lower pH balance (3.5) from your extensions (~5), the rinse will help lower the overall pH balance of your weave and help reseal the hair cuticle.

Ready to rinse? Mix 3 parts water with 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar in a larger bowl and fully immerse your extensions. Leave the rinse in for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then rinse it out with water. Proceed to deep condition the hair.

Bleach Bath

Doing a bleach bath on your weave is an effective way to make it feel brand new again, however we recommend only doing this if all else fails. This step requires the use of chemicals and ain't nobody got time for third-degree chemical burns. Find a sturdy pair of latex gloves and watch YouTuber SpiritualGal07 show you how to do it on your hair.


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  2. Barbara

    13 February

    Hi, I want to know what to use on my Mayvenn body wave weave to keep it from looking so dry and frizzy. I want a wet and wavy look. What hair product should I use.


    • Anayo

      23 February

      Hi Barbara,

      Try wetting the hair and adding a strong-hold mousse (a lot of mousse!). It should get you a sleek, wet and wavy look. Let me know how it goes!

      • Barbara

        23 February

        Thanks for replying. I will try that.

  3. Rayshawn

    7 March

    I want to combat the frizzness in my loose body wave hair what can I use? And is there a specific brand?

    • Anayo

      7 March

      Hi Rayshawn! Thanks for your question - have you tried a co-wash? I would recommend co-washing your hair, letting it airdry, and then using a heavy cream moisturizer to finish it. If you do that at least bimonthly, your hair should not be as frizzy. Let me know how that goes!

      • Tanika

        19 April

        What type of cream moisturizer would you recommend?

        • Brittany Johnson

          23 April

          Hi Tanika, we have a list of approved moisturizers in our care booklets - they're now included with every product purchase! It depends on which texture you're working with (curlier hair tends to need more moisture), but some good general moisturizers include Its a 10 and Jane Carter Leave In Conditioner.

  4. Ciara

    4 April

    My deep wave hair is constantly knotting and madding together in the backWhat can I do to prevent this

    • Anayo

      10 April

      Hi Ciara - have you tried to detangle and deep condition the hair? That definitely will help stop the curls from mattifying.

      Also, make sure you're moisturizing the hair at least daily or every other day with a light-spritz moisturizer. Since you're wearing human hair, you have to take extra care with it just like you would your normal hair. Hope that helps!

      • Arlita

        19 August

        I have the Brazil deep wave and used the raw Shea shampoo and conditioner that was recommended. If feel dry now. What can I do to get the softness back?

        • Brittany Johnson

          13 September

          Hi Arlita, have you tried deep conditioning the bundles? Applying conditioner and sitting under the dryer or using a shower cap to create heat can really help maintain softness and moisture. Also, remember to protect the hair while you're sleeping - this is key to maintaining and creating moisture. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase/scarf and "pineappling" or doing loose braids or twists at night helps with tangling and dryness as well. Keep us posted!

  5. Tia

    12 April

    How many installs can I use my loose body wave? I have had it installed for about 3 weeks and it's still in good shape. I wanted to take it out and get it re-installed in a different hair style.

    • Anayo

      12 April

      Hi Tia!

      The loose body wave will last you for up to a year or longer as long as you take care of it properly. Make sure when you take it out to shampoo, and deep condition it (for about 15 minutes), moisturize it, and then let it air dry. Then it'll be ready for another install!

  6. shamyri

    12 April

    hey, i have the outre remi hair and its already starting to tangle and matte in the back, is there a way i can fix this without removing my hair? i just got it done about 3 weeks ago and i can't afford to buy new hair and get it done again

    • Anayo

      13 April

      Hey Shamyri!

      The problem with Outre hair is that it's a blend of low-grade human hair so it'd not going to last longer than a few weeks, even if you take care of it really well. Unfortunately, you might just have to keep your paddle brush on deck so you can keep the tangling at bay.

      This is what their website recommends:

      -Detangle hair from end to root before shampooing
      -Carefully wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo
      -Do not rub or twist, but gently finger comb the hair
      -Follow with conditional and rinse in similar fashion
      -Pat dry with a towel and do not rub or roll the hair
      -Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser or as recommended by your stylist
      -Styling tools should only be used when completely dry

  7. Aaliya

    14 April

    Hi I have two bundles of Brazilian straight hair, I wanted to know is that enough for a middle part sew in?

  8. Kortney

    19 April

    It's been a week today since I've had my virgin curly hair installed it's already getting dry and tangled it was beautiful before I had it installed and suggestions ? I've detangled ( 2 or more times a day) used coconut oil I deep conditioner it last night and it's still very dry please help! Really don't wanna take it out already

    • Anayo

      19 April

      Hi Kortney!

      Sorry about the issues your having with your hair! May I ask what brand of hair it is?

      How do you detangle your hair? It's important to only detangle the hair while it's wet and has conditioner in it since it's a wavy/curly pattern. Use a widetooth comb to detangle. Also, daily moisturizer is a crucial! Hope that helps!

  9. kaysia

    26 April

    hi, i ordered mink brazillian hair like last month and decided to color it red last week. its not matted but it is thick and tangles. what should i do?

    • Anayo

      26 April

      Hi Kaysia!

      Since you dyed the hair you have to do a bit of extra work to keep it from tangling. At night, make sure you're adding a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner and section your hair into 3-4 braids, then tie it up in a satin scarf. You're going to have to deep condition the hair weekly since you dyed it, and I'd recommend a conditioner specifically formulated for hair that's been colored. Hope that helps!

  10. Lesa

    2 May

    What mousse or product would you recommend for the blonde loose wavy hair? It's still wavy but I want to refresh the wave pattern.

    • Anayo

      8 May

      Hi Lesa!

      Try Cantu's Wave Whip Curling Mousse: found here

      Once your hair is wet, apply the mousse and let your hair air dry. Hope that helps!

      • Lesa

        8 May

        Thank you. I actually just bought some but haven't tried it yet

  11. Renee

    25 May

    My hair has been installed for approximately 3 weeks and today by the end of the day it was dry as heck ... What does deep conditioning look like ? I've been telling all my friends about this hair now mine looks like straw !! I use herbal essences hello hydration and spray it on my hair daily when I get out of the shower what's wrong help

    • Anayo

      30 May

      Hi Renee,

      Conditioning and deep conditioning is super important to keep curly/wavy hair moist and looking fresh!

      To deep condition your hair: leave your conditioner on your hair for at least 5-10 minutes and rinse out. For a really deep condition (when your hair is really dry), leave the conditioner on for a few hours. This smooths out the hair cuticle and will prevent dry, brassy hair.

      • renee

        30 May

        I did it and it worked thank you

  12. Ash

    26 May

    I have some kinky curly hair and I'm trying to finger out what products to use to keep it from looking drying and frizzy at the ends. I've put curl activator, conditioner, leave in, and just water. Curls look pretty at first but once it dries all the way it doesn't look completely the same.

    • Anayo

      30 May

      Hi Ash,

      Don't forget to seal in your moisture! After you put your leave-in, add a light oil to your hair (like jojoba) and then finish with a creamy product like cream-based moisturizer or leave-in.

  13. JadaAli

    31 May

    hello. i need some hair that's water friendly and will not get matted and tangled after wards. could you give a few good hair brands that would be good for the water.

    • Anayo

      31 May

      Hi Jada!

      Sure! Have you tried Mayvenn hair? It's all 100% human hair so you can swim with it, shower with it, and get it wet. It will not tangle or get matted after. If you don't like it - no worries! All orders ship free, and you can return it risk-free within 30 days. You can shop Mayvenn hair here:

  14. Lesa

    3 June

    I always order the 613 straight or loose wave but I ordered the deep wave 613 and noticed that it's a little darker is that normal? I made sure it wasn't a 27 but its more like golden with the deep wave verses the normal looking light blonde.

    • Anayo

      5 June

      Hi Lesa!

      Yes, the deep wave 613 for the deep wave can be a little bit darker. This blonde isn’t always consistent, there are a couple of uniquely colored bundles due to this hair being a human product If you're unhappy with the color we can send out a different batch that hopefully matches up more with your expectations!

  15. Hi! I'm really enjoying my Peruvian Deep Wave hair, but the closure gets stiff, dry, and tangly. It also tends to not to curl up as much as the wefts when wet. How do I offset this? It is front and center, after all (no pun intended)!

    • Anayo

      7 June

      Hi Chaffron!

      Glad to hear you're enjoying our Deep Wave hair 🙂

      Sorry about the problems you're having with the closure. Have you tried deep conditioning it by itself over night?

      When it's almost dry, try scrunching up the hair to reform the curl and add mousse for it to hold. Then let it completely dry. Hope that helps!

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  17. Kena

    19 June

    Hello, I have the loose body wave hair. I just washed it for the first time and I now want to put a light weight moisture on the hair, however I don't want to weigh the hair down or make it greasy. What suggestions do you have?

    • Anayo

      20 June

      Hi Kena!

      Try a leave-in conditioner which are typically lighter. Carol's Daughter Hair milk and taliah waajid's great detangler are great options

  18. enderica

    21 June

    I bleached my weave and all my curls are gone... The hair now is rough feeling what should I do... And how can I make the curls come back? And for future references how can I keep my curls while bleaching it next time

    • Anayo

      21 June

      Hi Enderica!

      Sounds like the curls were a bit over-processed! Although curl patterns sometimes slightly loosen up after bleaching (just like our natural hair) the hair should still hold its texture. It's super important to keep in mind what volume of developer you're using with your bleach and how strong the product is. Sometimes certain kinds of bleach are made for stronger lightening and are too harsh for extensions. Try using a lower developer next time and adding Olaplex or another treatment to the bleach to keep hair healthy.

      To bring the curls back, try soaking them in a silicon mix deep conditioner treatment overnight mixed with water.

      Hope that helps!

  19. Renee

    24 June

    I was wondering if the way the hair is sewn in makes a difference with the tangling. I'm buying 2-16 in and 1-18 in should the 18 go on the top or bottom never bought these lengths before
    Thank you

    • Anayo

      26 June

      Hi Renee -

      The longest length always goes on first (at the bottom/nape) so you would put 18" on the bottom and then continue with your 16" bundles.

      • Renee james

        26 June

        I thought so just wanted to double check
        Thank you

  20. Camille

    14 July

    HI! I am almost in tears over extensions I have had put in. I admittedly don't know much about extensions, and asked my stylist for some long ombre hair. She told me it was human hair, not blended and it was good hair. I trusted her recommendation. After two weeks it immediately started looking a mess and now after 4 weeks, I have had it! It is extremely dry, I can not pass my fingers through it, it feels straw like in texture and in this summer time heat I'm constantly combing it to prevent it from matting and tangling. Most days, the hair has curled up/matted a considerable amount at the top. I paid over 300 for for the hair and installation and I'm truly embarrassed to wear it in the condition it's in. I have been deep conditioning it once a week and it looks good the next day after air drying and flat ironing, but soon after that it's the same story again. I am going to try the ACV next and then if this doesn't work, I'll just have to suck it up and remove the hair. In the future, if i ever decide to do this again, what type of hair is the absolute best in quality ( soft, manageable, long lasting, can withstand heat, hold curls) ? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Anayo

      17 July

      Hi Camille!

      I'm so sorry about your hair! I know the feeling of having an install done only to find out that the hair isn't quality after a few weeks.

      Definitely try the ACV rinse and, if necessary, a bleach bath.

      In the future, I 100% recommend you try Mayvenn hair. It is 100% virgin human hair, and can be fried, dyed and laid to the side without any dips in quality. However, in the off chance that the hair doesn't work out, you can still return it for a full refund in 30 days. If it's been dyed, you can exchange the hair without question. Mayvenn is the only hair company in the industry with this policy and I would definitely take advantage of it! Good luck with your hair, Camille!

  21. Colby

    15 July

    I have straight hair in a 1b, & I colored it red. How do I get the hair back to its natural state(black)?

    • Anayo

      17 July

      Hi Colby,

      Did you bleach it and then dye it red or did you just add red color on top? If you did the former, you can just dye it back to a 1B. If you did the latter, you can wash out the red hair dye with a hair dye remover or you can also dye it back to 1B. Hope that helps!

      • Colby

        18 July

        Yes this helped, one more question. I'm trying to go blonde now, so If I dye the bundles black can I bleach the bundles blonde or that wouldn't work? If not, how can I go about making the bundles blonde?

        • Anayo

          18 July

          Hi Colby,

          I had our in-house stylist, Brittany, take a look at your question. Here's what she recommended: "The bundles won't be able to handle that kind of processing. You can go from natural to another color or if they were already bleached (single processed) you could go darker, but from red to blonde or dyed black to blonde, I def wouldn't recommend it. The hair will most likely be dried out, over-processed and might not even be able to lift enough."

          • Colby

            18 July

            Ok thank you so much!

  22. Michelle

    18 July

    Hi what moisturizer do I use on Brazilian curly hair

    • Anayo

      18 July

      Hi Michelle!

      Check out our post on how to take care of your curly hair:

  23. Shanecqua

    13 August

    Hi there!!

    I ordered the malaysian body wave and I love love love the hair from mayvenn!!! I wanted to know what is the best method to dye to almost a platinum blonde mid to end of the bundles, leaving the top of bundles it's original 1b color?

    • Anayo

      14 August

      Hi Shanecqua!

      I'm so glad you're enjoying your Mayvenn hair!

      It would be hard for me to explain through text, so here is a video explaining how to do it:

      Instead of taking the bleach all the way to the top, you would take it up halfway. Hope this helps!

  24. Chris

    28 August

    Hi, i've had my brazilian straight hair (2 26" & 1 28") in for about a month. it was good the first few days but now all it does is tangles when i sit down on my back, gets really nappy sometimes and i don't know what to do.. i washed it once and it was really silky then went right back tangling when i flat ironed it. i have to comb and brush it CONSTANTLY, i just want silky hair.. help please.

    • Anayo

      5 September

      Hi Chris,

      Sorry you're having trouble with your bundles! Have you tried the steps outlined in this post? The last step is a bleach bath - try that if all else fails.

  25. Michelle

    16 November

    I have a concern I have blonde empire 14” hair and it’s always tangle and nun of theses help it .see it goes from fine to 5mins later it’s dry and tangle and stiff it looks like Barbie doll hair .can you help me ?

    • Anayo

      16 November

      Hi Michelle,

      Is Empire the hair company?

  26. Nadia

    17 November


    • Anayo

      17 November

      Hi Nadia,

      Sorry that you've tried everything and nothing is working 🙁 what kind of hair are you working with?

  27. Tawanda triplett

    17 November

    Can i do the bleach bath if i dyed my bundles black, with a demi

    • Anayo

      21 November

      Tawanda, some of the color may rinse out since it's a demi-perm dye but if you're ok with that then you should be good to do a bleach bath.

  28. Key

    10 December

    I just purchased the Malaysian body wave and had it installed a couple of weeks ago. The hair keeps tangling (mainly in the back) and matting down. What’s a suggestion to help it stop without having to take the sew in down so soon?

  29. Midee

    17 December

    Pls, I just got this weave(straight virgin human hair) but I don't know if to trust the product's authenticity... It's "sweetie product"...I fear that it might tangle can u help pls?

    • Anayo

      4 January

      Hi Midee,

      I'm sorry I haven't heard of that product, I hope it works out for you!

  30. Chloe

    18 December

    Hi there,
    I tried a clay mask on my virgin hair and it left my curly hair dry and brittle. Any suggestions on what I can do to bring it back to life, revitalizing the soft curl again?

    • Anayo

      4 January

      Hi Chloe,

      I wouldn't advise doing clay masks on your virgin hair since that is a strong, deep-penetrating treatment. Since virgin hair is already dead and not attached to a breathing scalp, it's hard for it to bounce back from tough treatments such as a clay mask. I would try to deep condition it with heat for a few hours or overnight. I hope that helps!

  31. Serenity

    22 December

    What kind of leave in conditioner is good to use on body wave hair

    • Anayo

      4 January

      Any lightweight leave-in conditioner should work. Try It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In or Aussie Moist

  32. sacha

    24 January

    would you recommend the bleach bath with hair that has been processed and colored?

    • Anayo

      24 January

      Hi Sacha,

      I would probably hold off on the bleach bath - in your case we recommend doing an overnight silicone treatment. You can use a product called Silicon Mix to make that happen. Hope that helps!

  33. Kenyetta Lands

    15 February

    I have the Mayvenn Malaysian body wave hair. I had to return my first bundles because after 2 weeks the hair was dry and matting. Mayvenn exchanged the hair with new bundles. Now I've had the new bundles installed for 2 weeks and the hair is dry and starting to tangle really bad in the back. I tie my hair up in a satin scarf every night. Am I doing something wrong ? Please help as this hair was not cheap and I really want to make it work!

    • kiana

      5 March

      I have this same exact problem with my Malaysian body wave, I got it 02/24 and its already tangling and dry!

      • Brittany Johnson

        13 September

        Hi Kiana, unfortunately we're not sure what materials other brands are using, and their care process may be different depending on the quality of the hair. For us, deep conditioning and taking good care of the hair at night time are crucial!

  34. Shaquiela

    16 February

    Hey! I have a virgin straight lace frontal wig . I made it like a month now and the ends are very trashy and I tried almost everything. I have a funeral next week and I want it to look brand new again. Help me out!

    • Anayo

      22 February

      Hi Shaquiela!

      Sorry your hair is going through it. Have you tried the steps in this article? Your quickest solution would be to cut the ends that are damaged and go from there.

  35. Kay

    14 March

    Hi, I 5 days ago I had Brazilian straight hair installed and now it’s dry, dull, and not soft anymore. Before it was installed I had it dyed a burgundy reddish purple professionally. What can I do to restore it? What should I do nightly?

    • Anayo

      16 March

      Hey! It sounds like the hair might have been slightly overprocessed. If you’re comfortable, your stylist might want to apply a demi- or semi-permanent on top of the color to help seal the cuticle. You can also do a deep conditioning treatment to help restore moisture & manageability - Silicon Mix is a strong one, but anything designed for deep conditioning/treatment should work. You can use a light leave-in conditioner, and make sure to use a protectant before heat styling. Wrapping your hair or sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase at night will also help to maintain it; cotton can cause friction, loss of moisture, and tangling.

  36. Sunnshine

    15 March

    I have a quick weave but with ocean wave Indian remy how can I keep it from looking so frizzy and get my curls back

  37. Kenyetta

    16 March

    Copying and pasting my previous question as you never replied.

    I have the Mayvenn Malaysian body wave hair. I had to return my first bundles because after 2 weeks the hair was dry and matting. Mayvenn exchanged the hair with new bundles. Now I've had the new bundles installed for 2 weeks and the hair is dry and starting to tangle really bad in the back. I tie my hair up in a satin scarf every night. Am I doing something wrong ? Please help as this hair was not cheap and I really want to make it work!

  38. Nene Brooks

    17 March

    I bleached my weave and now it feels dry and stiff. How can I fix this?

    • Anayo

      19 March

      Hi Nene,

      I would suggest taking it to a professional stylist to help. Bleaching a weave is an advanced level technique and can easily destroy your hair if not done properly. Did you tone it after bleaching it?

  39. Rayanna

    20 March

    Hi a few weeks ago like two weeks I had got a sew in (human hair) and I don't have any major problems with it it looks good but I want to now how can I revive the freshness it once had when I first got it. It sometimes is dry but no tangles really.

    • Anayo

      22 March

      Hi Rayanna,
      Human hair is a little harder to revive the freshness (you can see why here) since it's not virgin hair. I would try to cut of the dead, dry ends, and try conditioning it.

  40. Kourtnee

    31 March

    My deep wave is giving me the blues.... I’ve done every wash except the bleach bath. What products can I use to keep it from tangling together after I curl it.?
    It looks like a ball of mess about 2 hours into my day

    • Anayo

      2 April

      Sorry to hear about that Kourtnee. If you haven't done the bleach bath yet, it sounds like it's time to try it. Let me know how it goes!

  41. Autumn

    1 April

    My Malaysian hair is dry and dull, it tangles all the time please help with which to use

    • Autumn

      1 April


    • Anayo

      2 April

      Hi Autumn,

      It depends on which texture you have. If it's wavy, I would try out a leave-in conditioner (Jane Carter, Alikay Naturals, Shea Moisture), get your hair wet, apply leave-in and detangle.

  42. Tasha

    12 April

    I have Malaysian body wave hair by Mayvenn. After 3 weeks of install the hair is dry, matting, and starting to tangle really bad in the back. I braid my hair into 2 braids and tie it up in a satin scarf every night. I have wash and condition it and let it air dry as well. I comb it with a big tooth comb. Am I doing something wrong ? Please help as this hair was not cheap and I really want to make it work!

    • Anayo

      18 April

      Which products are you using Tasha?

  43. Careen

    24 April

    Should I try this after I remove it or is it possible to do while it is still sewn in?

    • Anayo

      7 May

      If you're referring to the bleach bath, yes it's best to do it when your hair is taken down 🙂

  44. Adrianne

    30 April

    How do I keep my weave from frizzing up? It is a curly weave and I wear a hairnet at night and I get my hair done every two weeks washing but what can I do to maintain the curl and not have frizz?

  45. Albie

    7 May

    How do I get my straight brazillian hair to go back to being not dry and have some silkiness in in? I need a quick fix. thanks

    • Anayo

      10 May

      Sounds like it needs a deep condition.

  46. Lauren Williams

    9 May

    I washed my body weave a couple of days ago and I used Creme of Nature leave in conditioner and after I let it try I used curling cream to put bounce back in my waves. Now my weave is stiff and matted and I don't know what to do.

    • Anayo

      10 May

      Hi Lauren,

      I'm sorry that your bundles have stiffened up!

      It sounds like you put in a product that was too heavy for the hair (curling cream) and now it doesn't have as much life in it. Body wave is a fine texture, meaning it's less dense and can't handle heavy products like curl cream which weigh the hair down. Try deep conditioning it, letting it air dry, and adding a light, water-based leave-in to the hair.

  47. tiffany

    6 August

    My name is Tiffany and I purchased the deep wave hair in May its being maintained well I just wanna know what can I use I'm about to straighten it and I want it smooth and straight and not matted or bulky.

    • Brittany Johnson

      13 September

      Hi Tiffany, happy to hear that it's going well! To keep your curls full of life, make sure you limit the use of heat on it. To straighten it successfully, keep the heat on a setting that isn't too high (we recommend not going over 350-400 degrees F), make sure your hair is completely dry before using a flat or curling iron, and use a heat protectant.

  48. Amiey

    19 September

    Comment... Hi I'm Amy, so I got this curly human hair but it's soooooo dry but it's a beauty when wet is there any product to soften it or
    leave it wet

    • Brittany Johnson

      8 October

      Hi Amy, it really depends on the hair care instructions provided by your vendor but in general, curly hair does well with moisture. Try a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioning treatments for extra benefit!

  49. Ashley D.

    29 November

    I have purchased over 3,000 worth of hair from Mayvenn obviously I love the hair but one thing that gets me everytime are the lace closures. I have tried them in different textures/lengths but they always seem to bald prematurely causing me to have to take my hair out way before it needs to come out. Anyone else have these issues or have any suggestions or reasons why this is consistantly happening. I have plans on getting my hair installed this Saturday.

    • Brittany Johnson

      30 November

      Hey Ashley, thank you for being such a consistent supporter! Do you normally bleach the knots on your closures? Sometimes, this can easily be over-processed and weaken the knots, causing the hair attached to the lace to be less secure (in the future, try having you or your stylist use a lesser volume developer when lifting the knots for a more gentle process). Another reason could be constant heat styling or combing/pulling of the hair on the lace, also weakening the knots. Closures/Frontals are an amazing protective style solution but do require more TLC than bundles. Setting the closure piece at night time so that less styling in the morning is required is another way to prevent stress on the lace and/or knots. Please keep us and posted and thanks again for rocking with Mayvenn!

  50. ashyair

    16 January

    yes I have the empire 14" and its very stiff now the hair is real soft but what can I do for the stiffness

    • Brittany Johnson

      29 January

      Hi Ashyair, you may want to reach out to the company that you purchased the hair from for best results, as we can't speak to their processes or quality. However, deep conditioning and limited the use of heat are usually great strategies for any hair brand to follow.

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