How To Keep Your Hair Flawless At Night

How To Keep Your Hair Flawless At Night

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, or straight - your nighttime regimen matters.

While your favorite stylist might've hooked you up with a gorgeous sew-in - that's only half the battle when it comes to hair maintenance. A proper nighttime routine will ensure that your look remains fresh and that you'll be ready to slay on command.

A wise woman once said: Stay ready so you don't have to get ready! Here's how to wrap weave at night based on your hair texture!

Curlyhow to wrap weave at night

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Curly hair is the most high maintenance texture so you'll need to take a bit more care to make your curls pop the next morning. We talked about curly hair and how to care for it at length in this post. But to recap: at night, spray your curls with a leave-in conditioner or water-based moisturizer and distribute it through your hair evenly. Next, you're going to put your hair into a pineapple (learn how to do it here) and then put on a silk bonnet. The next morning, spray your hair with more leave-in conditioner, shake it out, and go. Curls on pop!

Wavyhow to wrap weave at night

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If you're wearing wavy hair in it's natural texture, preserving the waves are pretty easy. At bedtime, separate your hair into two sections and braid each part. Feel free to add more braids if your wave pattern is tighter. For a deep wave we recommend four braids.

In the morning, spritz your hair with a curl refresher or leave-in conditioner and you're good to go!

Straighthow to wrap weave at night

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The best way to keep a straight sew-in weave as straight and sleek as possible is to bust out the old school doobie wrap at night. It's a bit hard to explain and we won't waste your time trying! This YouTube tutorial by Randi Nicole is the best we've seen so far on wrapping straight hair at night. It's easy to comprehend and the results speak for themselves:


If you're rocking a wig (and if you're not, here's why you should) and it's not sewn down to your head, at night take that bad boy off and hang it somewhere. As ratchet as it may sound, by taking your wig off at night, you're not only allowing your natural hair to breathe, but you're also extending the lifetime use of your wig by not fussing with it. Taking your wig off at night will give both you and the wig a much-needed break. In the morning, position it where you want it and secure it.

Have fun waking up every morning with flawless hair!

  1. Bugattihair

    16 June

    Wow what an amazing style!!!
    All ideas of hair extensions will definitely give you stunning look. Thank you for sharing the informative ideas and the respective video with elaborating ideas.

  2. ALD

    9 September

    Thanks so much for your tips!! This is my first sew-in and it's curly. I'm sleeping comfortably.

    • Anayo

      12 September

      So glad we could help, ALD!

  3. Jo

    21 October

    Wish I could be more comfortable wearing a wig occasionally. I’m in my sixties and sort of self conscious when it comes to hair. What do you think is the best length and style (love Wavy) and color would be age appropriate?

    Love your hair....excellent quality....never disappointed.


    • Anayo

      24 October

      Hi Joanne!

      Thanks for your comment. I know it can be a little nerve-wracking to try a new style, but wigs are a great way to try something new temporarily!

      Being sixty doesn't mean you can't dabble in some of the new hair trends 🙂 but I would recommend, as a start, to go for something around 12-14 inches in a Body or Loose Wave. Feel free to play around with the length depending on your height, but those inches are a good place to start!

  4. kachina Chester

    27 October

    Thank you for the great tips which I will be using.

  5. Linda

    18 January

    Thank you so much for the great tips. I have had so much trouble trying to keep my wavy weave wavy. I never thought about braiding it at night.

    • Anayo

      22 January

      Hi Linda! Glad these tips helped - you can also try loosely twisting them. Braids and twists are a great way to maintain wavy styles.

  6. Sahirah

    7 February

    Really enjoyed the “How to... video on wrapping your weave . The young lady was articulate and presented herself professionally. I am 68 yrs old, been wearing wigs for more than forty years(from Outre’s falls to lace front wigs. Problem: natural hairline is receding and/or thinned that I am not getting that natural frontal hairline. What can I do, now!

  7. Narada

    6 March

    Awesome advice and I along with my clients love Mayvenn!!! A bit of advice from a 18 year Hair Salon owner and vet, be very careful at night when spritzing those tresses with leave in conditioner and water. Use very little as this may cause Hair mold. Keep giving great tutorials and great advice! I am proud to be a Mayvenn hair distributor!

    • Anayo

      12 March

      Great advice Narada! Thanks for continuing to be the best part of Mayvenn!

  8. Mary L. (porter) Sims

    16 March

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