4 Ways To Protect Your Leave Out

The number one way to lose your edges when rocking bundles is by not protect your leave out. WHAT?! You mean I just got this weave and I still have to take care of my natural hair? Yes, girl. And probably now more than ever. Here's why: Although weaves and wigs are protective styles, when you rock them with hair left out--whether just in the front or around the entire perimeter--you usually have to manipulate your natural hair in some way to match your extensions. Sometimes that means you're pressing the life out of your locks with a flat iron to get that bone straight look. Other times, that means you're constantly curling it to get the curl pattern just right. Either way, all that manipulation leaves your hair stressed. And just like you on a Thursday night (after working 10 hours with little sleep, then eye rolling at Olivia Pope's latest foolery on Scandal) a real life breakdown is imminent. How can you ease some of that tension? Now that TGIT is on hiatus and there are no more of Liv’s shenanigans until the Fall, you can chill a little bit and focus on protecting your leave out!

Twist It or Braid It 

protect your leave out If you're a low maintenance gal, try styling your leave out into your weave with a chic front braid or twist. You can do one across the top of your forehead, or like Keri, you can do one on each side. You'll be protected from the elements, and will take five minutes to do. Lazy girls rejoice.

Grab Yourself A Closure Or Frontal

lace frontal Closures and frontals are EVERYTHING. If you don't want to leave any hair out but still want a natural look, look no further. Both closures and frontals give you the seamless look of having your "natural" hairline out when your hair is really tucked away underneath--flourishing. Depending on how you want to style your hair, either a closure of lace frontal will do the job. A closure is usually 3" x 4" and sits on the front of your scalp, while a frontal is applied across your entire hairline from ear-to-ear. They can easily be removed and re-installed when you need to wash or moisturize your hair, but we recommend seeing your local stylist for tips on how to do it.

Wear A Headband

rihanna protect your leave out Or a cute scarf, turban--whatever! Having your leave-out brave the elements like humidity, wind or cold temperatures will leave it brittle and broken--and you sad and annoyed. Give your flat iron a break and throw on a cute headband or fly headwrap. We know you've been watching those "47 Ways To Tie A Headwrap That Looks Easy But It's Really Difficult As Hell" videos, it's time to give one of them a try, for the sake of your leave-out!

Leave Out Less

We've seen people leave out enough hair to cover the length of California, when all that was necessary was enough to cover San Diego. Only leave out enough hair to cover your tracks. The less you leave out, the better. California will thank you.

How do you manage your leave out? Do you just wear closures and lace fronts? let us know in the comments!


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  4. denise

    2 December

    My edges suffered a great deal of damage after a frontal was installed so I guess either myself or my stylist did something wrong... how do you install a frontal that doesn't damage your edges? I like the flat look but my edges are suffering. I open to suggestions.

    • Anayo

      2 December

      Hi Denise!

      Really sorry to hear that but that's a common side effect of an improperly installed frontal. There are two ways to get a flat frontal look without damaging your edges: you can have your stylist sew an elastic band that has been fitted your head to the ends of your frontal. This will let it lay down flat without adding any extra tension. Or you can try the gel method with got2b which is become a really popular method. Here's a simple tutorial to learn how to do this method :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1yt5Gd7KhY

      Hope this helps! Keep me updated!

      • denise

        5 December

        Thank you for your speedy reply. Please will you explain in more detail or direct me to a youtube video showcasing the elastic band method?
        I've recently learned about the got2b gel method and I want to see the other option as well before I see my stylist again. The rest of my hair is coming along really well so I want this part to be healthy too.
        Thanks again and many blessings to you!

        • Anayo

          6 December


          The elastic band method is my favorite actually, there is no glue required and all you have to do is put the wig on. But you have to do some DIY. Basically you take an elastic band, the material that is used in the fabric of a headband, and then sew it down to the ends of your lace front. If it's measured out properly to your head it will hold down your lace front down completely flat without adding any tension to your edges (unless it's too tight!).

          Here is a great YouTube video that shows it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HknFYCzud6A

          Let me know what you end up doing!

          • Denise

            7 December

            This is perfect! I've ordered the wig fr his and hers in LA and just ordered the elastic from Amazon... I'll report back with my results.
            I thank you... My edges thank you!

            • Anayo

              7 December

              Yay! I'm glad it all worked out. You're welcome to you... and your edges!

  5. Deedee Lewis

    6 February

    I agree with your tip about utilizing headbands, scarves, turbans, etc, to protect your leave out. My sister loves wearing weaves and is always looking for ideas on methods to try so that her natural hair doesn't get ruined in the process. I will for sure pass these leave out tips to my sister.

    • Anayo

      13 February

      They're an easy (and fashionable way!) to keep them protected! Thanks for reading 🙂

  6. Lili

    4 November

    Thank you for the post! This was just what I was looking for.

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