Reveal Your 2018 Hair Horoscope

The stars say it all! If your horoscope is a sneak peek into the future of you, your hair horoscope is a sneak peek into the future slay. Find your sign by clicking through below, read your horoscope, and shop your sign's perfect hair look!


hair horoscope aries

Your Horoscope: As an Aries, you thrive on transformative experiences and being able to express your true self. This year is all about patience. You'll be tasked with taking a few calculated risks, and, if you see it through, those risks could pay off in a big way. Just remember to keep a level head through it all. Your hair on the other hand waits for no one. You care about your appearance, and don't mind spending a few extra minutes making sure it's telling the story you want it to tell. A half-braided, half wand curled look will have you feeling like a fierce fairy godmother.

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  1. Shamara

    4 April

    Hey now i jus was thnkn like i need to step out my box wen it cums to my hair

    • Anayo

      4 April

      Yes, time for a new start 🙂

  2. This so true I started this in January I have been a on my purple gem and cotton candy colors....getting back to loving me after a hard relationship get ready cause here I come

  3. Dee

    4 April

    I been wanting to try something new guess it's a go!

  4. Barbara Woodard

    5 April

    Yes I'm loving it! Wow that look is amazing I would love to get it in a wig love the color!

  5. kara

    6 April

    yesssah i love it

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