How To Stop Your Weave From Shedding

Nothing dims the fab feeling of a new weave quite like shedding. You run your fingers through your silky bundles and a few strands come loose. No big deal, right? Just to make sure, you grab your paddle brush, do another run-through--dagnabit, more strands! While some hair shedding is normal, not only with weaves but also with natural hair, it's Frustrating with a capital 'F' to see hair constantly slipping out with every comb-through or fierce hair flip. Whether your hair is synthetic or straight outta India, weave shedding is a common problem that protective style aficionados deal with daily.

While fighting the shedding powers that be may seem pointless, there are ways to either minimize or completely stop the hair loss. Keep reading, and we'll fill you in on the 411.

Seal The Hair

When most of us think sealing, we think about it in relation to moisturizing our hair, but this is a whole 'nother kind of sealing specific to weaves. Using a sealant before installing your hair is crucial to prevent shedding. "Sealing" is the process of locking in the hair at the weft with a sealant--typically a liquid adhesive or glue. We all know buying hair is an investment, so sealing your hair is your own personal insurance plan. Dritz Fray Check and Aleene's Fabric Fusion are two tried-and-true sealants we recommend for sealing your weave.

Check out a tutorial on sealing your wefts from one of our top Mayvenn stylists, Peakmill below:

Manipulate Less

The more styling you do, the more you'll be pulling on your hair, the more your hair will be shedding. We know half the fun of rocking a weave is endlessly watching YouTube videos for style ideas from your favorite weave-slaying hair guru, but constant manipulation will leave your bathroom floor looking like Chewbacca just did a head-to-toe shave. Try limiting how many times you flat iron your hair by wrapping it at night, or wear your hair down more instead of putting it up in a ponytail.

Sew Around The Wefts

If you're a stylist doing a sew-in (or you're doing your own hair), avoid sewing the needle straight through the track. This not only causes shedding, but it also decreases the life span of your wefts. The trick is to sew around the track so it doesn't break down over time. That way, wefts and clients get their life!


Have you tried to seal your weave? What have you tried to stop weave shedding? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Le'Niesha

    23 June

    I have a question. I have the body wave Brazilian hair. But my 16 in has shredded to less then the 14 in. What can I do it's so frizzy.

    • Anayo

      24 June

      Hi Le'Niesha - thanks for commenting!

      Sorry this is happening to your hair!

      I would give your hair a bleach bath (you can find out how to do it here: to restore it to its original smooth, and non-frizzy condition. If not that, you can do a deep condition on the hair for a few hours, rinse and air dry, that should help bring it back. Let me know how that goes!

  2. Leon

    10 October

    You can not stop the shedding, all weaves become frizzy and ugly after being worn for many times.

    • Anayo

      11 October

      Hi Leon - Of course, you won't be able to completely stop hair from shedding. All hair, including natural hair, sheds. But with proper care (from tips presented here) and prevention you can prevent your hair from shedding as much. If the hair is quality hair, like Mayvenn hair, it can last a very long time without seeing any frizzing or matting issues.

  3. Jayonaa

    2 November

    My wig sheds sooooo much no matter what i do. I've tried sealing it and still to no avail. Any other suggestions?

    • Anayo

      2 November

      Hi Jayonnaa - Sorry that your wig is shedding so much! That's so frustrating.

      Do you mind letting me know if it's a synthetic or human hair wig? If it's synthetic, usually those are prone to shedding and there isn't much you can do.

      If it's a human wig, you can try a bleach bath which will essentially remove any straggling loose hairs as well as make your strands soft again. If everything I've listed doesn't work, I would try reinforcing your wefts again with thread. Basically, go through the wig weft-by-weft and re-sew the wefts to the cap making sure strands have little space to shed. Hope that helps!

  4. Tiffany Adams

    30 January

    Thanks a lot needed to this
    Now I'm going to try to do this as soon as I get my hair re done

    • Anayo

      30 January

      Happy to help 🙂 Let me know how it works!

  5. Rayshawn florien

    18 February

    What can i do for the frizzyness I've had my mayveen hair for about a month.

    • Anayo

      22 February

      Hi Rayshawn!

      Try using a mousse on your hair to calm down the frizzyness. First, wet the hair and then add mousse or a cream-based moisturizer of your choice and let it air dry. You should end up with a bouncy, no-frizz style.

      Also, are you wrapping your hair at night? Not wrapping your hair (or using a silk pillowcase) will cause frizziness.

  6. Kenya

    9 April

    I need to wash my Brazilian bundles, can I use Etae hair products to wash them?

    • Anayo

      10 April

      Hi Kenya,

      I just looked up the brand and it looks like you'll be fine using Etae to wash your hair since it's paraben, silicone, and sulfate free!

      • Kenya

        11 April

        Thank you. Also they are matted BAD. I can't comb it out or anything. Any suggestions on how to revive them from this?

        • Anayo

          12 April

          Did you try the bleach bath? That might help gently loosen the strands to the point where you can work through it and detangle.

          • Kenya

            12 April

            I haven't tried that, I was afraid of damaging the hair. I did do a deep reconstruction treatment and now they are in silk protein conditioner from Etae.

            • Anayo

              13 April

              Yeah the bleach bath is the last resort, but it sounds like you might be at that point. I'd say if you've run out of options then you might want to give it a go. Do you sleep with a satin scarf at night?

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